Meet EPIC! This gorgeous boy was dumped in a dog park along with female white shepherd, Mist. Neither had tags, or a microchip and neither were fixed. Both are thought to be about a year and a half old. We only realized they were a bonded pair when Epic came down with an upper respiratory infection and had to be taken to the vets office in order to try to keep the other orphans from getting the infection. While Epic was gone, Mist refused to eat, play, or socialize with any of the volunteers. She had started to show the symptoms of the same infection that Epic had, so we didn’t know if she wasn’t feeling well from that or if she was missing her gorgeous companion. Well our questions were answered when Epic returned to the rescue house to be reunited with Mist. Once she saw him, they immediately ran to each other and snuggled each others faces and kisses were given. Mist jumped and bounced around in happiness, whining and turning circles before zooming off around the yard, only to circle back to Epic to shower him with more kisses. That night, Mist ate every bite of her dinner and has been eating ever since. Epic and Mist will need to be adopted together, as separating them isn’t in their best interest. They will need to go to a home without any small critters, as they both exhibit high prey drives. They are both very affectionate and loving, gentle dogs, and have done very well with the children they have met. If you and your family have the love and home to offer these 2 beautiful dogs, please fill out our online adoption application. It starts our adoption process. Bringing Mist and Epic into your lives will change their world, so be ready to receive epic proportions of unconditional love!

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