You know the old adage, “feast or famine?” Well, it really applies to Faith. For two months, we had no interest and no applications on Faith.  Then suddenly, we had four approved adoption applications.  Harold lost his 14 year old Anatolian shepherd recently, and the house was just too empty and quiet. Naturally, when he found Faith on our website, the attraction was immediate. Faith wasn’t so sure about Harold, though, at first.  Once Harold took Faith for a walk and then offered her a few treats, things changed in a heartbeat. After spending some time together, Harold and Faith came to an understanding. Soon Faith was leaning herself against Harold and taking treats from Harold’s mom and dad. Harold had finally won Faith over, so they did all the paperwork and loaded up the car to head back home to Arizona. Before you make the journey over Hoover Dam and onto your forever home, remember to wag on, fun-loving Faith, wag on.    Click here for more photos!

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