UPDATE: 4 year old Fanny has been very clear about what she desires in her forever home. Because of Fannys past, it’s understandable that she has a tendency to guard her food bowl. Empty or full. She takes treats very nicely though. She also has let us know that she needs to be the only animal in the home. A home that is free of children younger than teenagers. Fanny needs the safety and security of a crate she can retreat to when she feels the need. She will snap if she is startled while she is sleeping. Given enough time to decompress in her forever home, she will develop the trust needed to not be so quick to make a bad decision regarding being startled. Can you give Fanny the chance she deserves to be a loved and cherished family member?

Meet petite Fantasia. This little pocket sized shepherd came to the local kill shelter with a wound conducive of having a rope or chain collar embedded into her neck. How could we turn our back on this little dumpling dog, who, as you can see by the pictures, has not given up on humans? With the help of the GSD Miracle Network, we were able to raise the money needed to make sure she gets the best care possible. Fantasia was happy to give kisses, and wanted to be included in the discussion concerning her treatment plan. ( and this is one of the many reasons we love the doctors at Craig Road Animal Hospital! They are always happy and willing to discuss the options concerning the care and treatment of the dogs.) The treatment plan that was agreed upon was to give Fantasia a couple of days to see how her wound responds and starts to heal before she is put under anesthesia for her spay. If the wound can heal without having to surgically close it, of course that is the route we will take. The other concern was how to keep Fanny from leaving her spay incision alone, once the surgery is performed, as she obviously is unable to wear a cone. So while we let this little pixie shepherd begin to heal physically and emotionally from her former life, we will show her all the goodness we can and let her know she will never be hurt like this again. Then we will post her bio. So stay tuned. There’s more to come of the story of Fantasia.

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