Meet 3 year old Fila. Fila was sprung from the local shelter. On the list to be killed because of a small lump on her elbow and in need of a tooth extraction, we just couldn’t sit by and do nothing. So with the help of the Miracle GSD Network, Fila was spayed, had her fractured tooth extracted and the lump on her elbow removed. Once the mass was removed, we had it sent out, and the great news is it was benign! Fila also adores children. She recently met a boy about 7 years old, and she ran right up to him and flopped down on her back for belly rubs! She loves attention from people, and seems to be unfazed by the other animals she has met. If you are looking to add a beautiful, sweet love bug to your family, Fila is the one for you. Just go to our website and fill out our online adoption form. It’s the first step of our adoption process, but it does not obligate you in any way. Changing the world for Fila by giving her the loving home she is craving will be a win-win situation. The unconditional love she will give back is unlimited.

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