Flash Gordon


UPDATE: Gordy is coming out of his shell and showing us what a sweet, friendly boy he is. He loves to play in the water and has made friends with a couple other large male dogs. We are still working on getting some much needed weight onto this beautiful boy, as it’s been slow going with him. We recently did bloodwork on him, and according to our vet, his bloodwork looked BEAUTIFUL! We will continue to work on getting him to a healthy weight and getting to know more about him so we can get him into his perfect forever home.

Hi, everyone.
My name is Flash Gordon, but you can just call me Gordy if you want. Even though I’m not even a year and a half old yet, my short life has been full of neglect and being bounced around to several different homes. Luckily the last home I was in recognized the fact that I needed help from shepherd experienced people so I can get healthy, and find a home that knows how to raise a shepherd, so they contacted VSR. I bond quickly with people who are kind to me. Right now I am decompressing and getting fed several small meals a day so I can get ready to find my forever home. VSR is still learning about what I like and don’t like so stay tuned for updates on my progress!

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