Our life experienced boy who was hit by a car is now well in his way to recovery. What we have learned so far about our big guy, Mr. G is that he will not tolerate living with cats, and although he’s tipping the scales at right around 100 pounds, he has no problem counter surfing if he feels it might be worth his while. He’s starting to get comfortable and will run and play once he’s comfortable with you. In typical shepherd style, he is quite aloof upon first meeting, but will come to check you out once he’s gotten a good look at you from a short distance away. We have walked him with other dogs his size, and he’s done very well, not particularly caring one way or the other that the dog is there. If you would like to meet Gandolph, please fill out our online adoption application. It’s the first step to adopting any of our orphans. Because changing the world for Gandolph will be a huge event, and you’ll be the life of the party with this big boy as a member of your family.

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