Several months ago, a van carried 5 dogs to Las Vegas from Southern California. One of those dogs was a young, very scared girl named GatorGator eventually got adopted, but was returned a few months later, her fearful behavior seemed to be getting worse, even though the family had been taking her to training. Previous adopters, Rod and Lori had been thinking about getting another dog, but weren’t sure Fenton (previously Elijah) was open to having a constant companion. So they made the trip from Wyoming to Vegas, and meeting Gator was one of the things on their to do list.  When they arrived, it was explained to them about Gator‘s lack of people meeting skills, and that having another well balanced dog around her would make her feel more secure and confident. Well, Rod and Lori were willing to giveGator the chance she deserved to live her life in a happy home. So when Fenton met Gator, now named Wynne, it seemed like they all ready knew each other. They were both ready to play, and Wynne hadn’t  been afraid of Rod at all. She even let him look in her mouth! It wasn’t until Rod and Lori were headed back to Wyoming that we realized that the reason they may have been so friendly is because Fenton was one of the other dogs in the van that fateful day. Now that you have been reunited, you will always have a pal as you wag on, wonderful Wynne, wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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