General Patton

It breaks our hearts when we have to post that a dog was returned. Especially when it’s through no fault of their own. But General Patton is back and we are determined to find his perfect forever home! Below is his original bio.
Meet the awesome General Patton. This dog has a personality that has to be seen to be appreciated. Put on the kill list as a geriatric 7-8 year old with eye issues, (he has pannus and requires drops twice a day. He handles them like a champ!) our vets think a more accurate estimate of his age to be about 4 years old. When I asked him if he wanted to go for a ride in the car, he knew exactly what that meant, and couldn’t get out of the shelter fast enough. Although he did stop to greet people and make friends on the way out. He immediately felt comfortable with everybody he meant, and had no problem engaging in play and jump and running. Patton is an XL size dog at about 95 pounds. He has charmed everyone he’s met, and it happens in the blink of an eye. Give this boy a ball, and he’s all over it. He will offer you a sit if he thinks it will get you to give up the ball to him. So if you think this charming dog is the guy your family has been waiting for, you better get your act together and get your hiney over to our website to fill out the online adoption application. The General isn’t going to be waiting around for long. This guy will ambush your heart, but won’t be taking any prisoners. So fall in, and set your mind at ease. Changing the world for General Patton will be like winning the Medal of Honor.

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