Beautiful 5 year old Gracie is a dog who knows what she wants, and exactly what she doesn’t want. This long haired shepherd mix needs to the the only queen in the castle, as she doesn’t do well with other females. She may be ok with submissive males her own size or bigger. She also has a strong prey drive that requires that she not share her home with any small critters. She didn’t bother the desert tortoise she previously shared her home with, though. She is good with bigger children ( anything that she won’t mistake for prey) and will let them handle her and will play ball with them. Gracie walks nicely on the leash and likes to ride in the car. Like many shepherds, Gracie is aloof with strangers at first. She needs time to warm up. She knows basic commands and was always made to sit before entering or exiting doors and gates. If you think your life would be complete with this stunning dog at the end of your leash, please fill out our online adoption application to get the process started. An adoption donation of $325 is required. Gracie will be thrilled to have her life changed by someone who will understand her and love her for the beautiful dog that she is. Inside and out.

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