We usually tell potential adopters not to fall in love with a dog’s glamour shots, but to meet our dogs first and see if chemistry is there.  But when Sue and Chuck saw Grim’s pictures on the website, they were sure that Grim was the dog for them.  Even when they were told Grim probably wasn’t quite ready to be adopted (he was overcoming a terrible fear of new people and men in particular), Chuck happily said that they would wait for him.  So Grim’s foster mom agreed to do a meet and greet with Chuck, Sue, and their Akita, Takara.  Well, Grim must have gotten the memo telling him his new family was coming to get him.  Grim quickly made himself comfortable in their home and is opening up and becoming more confident by leaps and bounds.  Sometimes people just know when something is right for them.  Chuck and Sue knew, but what they didn’t know was that before Grim would officially be theirs, he would have to wag on, groovy Grim, wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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