Please welcome adorable 14 month old Halo to the VSR family! A Good Samaritan rescued Halo from wandering the streets, took her to the nearest vet clinic, and luckily Halo had a chip. Halo was returned to the owners, who then decided they didn’t want her anymore, as this wasn’t the first, or even the second time Halo had gotten out of the yard she lived in 24/7. The owners took her back to the vet clinic telling them to contact the good Sam to pick her up and keep her. The good Sam did go back to pick Halo up, fearing she could end up at the shelter if she didn’t. She then reached out to VSR hoping we could help to find this very happy, sweet, dog and cat friendly, people loving dog a good home. And that’s exactly what we are going to do. So if you think you are worthy of a Halo, please fill out our online adoption application. It’s the first step of our adoption process. Because you can’t go wrong when you’re sporting a Halo!

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