Meet handsome Havok. At a year and a half old, it seems this beautiful mal mix has been through at least 2 different homes, each time given up on for the crime of being himself. A busy, high energy dog who needs a job to do. Havok is very playful and mouthy, like many young dogs. He is also very smart. He responds very well to verbal corrections. It appears someone may have been physical when training him, as he will cower if you reach over his head. He enjoys plush toys more than rubber or plastic ones. He discovered the kiddy pool and enjoyed cooling his belly after he zoomed around the rescue house yard, and this boy can run! He’s incredibly fast and a joy to watch. So if you are knowledgable about this hard working breed and have experience keeping these dogs stimulated and happy, please fill out our online adoption application to start the adoption process. Couch potatoes need not apply. It takes a special type of family to bring Havok into their lives. Are you that family?

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