Jim and his wife, Earlene, are very active, and one day they met a couple of VSR volunteers walking shepherds on the hiking trails of Mt. Charleston.  By the time they were done visiting, the volunteers had made new friends, and the new friends were anxious to adopt a shepherd.  They hadn’t realized just how much they missed having a shepherd in their lives.  But the holidays were quickly approaching, and it just wasn’t the right time to bring a new family member into the house.  By the time the holidays were over, they were more than ready.  Armed with their list of the 3 dogs they wanted to meet, they came to the boarding facility.  Hayden was the first and last dog they met.  They fell in love instantly and knew she was the one they would take home.  So as you explore your new life and experience all sorts of adventures, don’t forget to put on your hiking boots, and load up on the sunblock.  You will need it as you wag on, handy Hayden.  Wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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