Meet 10 year old Hooper. He came to the shelter with his coat shaved. Once shaved it was discovered that Hooper was very underweight. He is now starting to out on some weight, and his coat is growing back nicely. Hooper is very laid back. He loves walks, kids and all people. He also loves to eat and ride in the car. He seems to be non reactive to cats but doesn’t care for small dogs. Hooper is also self protective around all other dogs, It seems he doesn’t trust them. But has adjusted to the well mannered, disciplined dogs that reside in his foster home. Hooper doesn’t like to be bothered by my dogs while he is sleeping. He also loves cuddling on the couch, watching tv and being loved on by all humans. Due to his age we feel that a home with very young children would not be a good fit for him. Hooper also has some separation anxiety and still looks for his humans but it’s getting much better. The only time he barks is when he’s left alone and they are working on that and having some success already. His foster mom tells us he isn’t crated at night, and he does great! He doesn’t ruin anything! If you think you have the calm, loving home this big ole boy deserves to spend his golden years, please fill out our online adoption application. It gets the process started. Because Hooper will fill your home with love and gratitude like no puppy ever could. There’s no beating having the love of an older dog. Sent from my iPad On Oct 30, 2016, at 3:26 PM, Tammy Willet <tammy@vegasdogrescue.com> wrote: And please share with me. I’ll review our list of approved applicants and see if we have a family that he may be suited for. Thanks!

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