Huck is a pretty darn awesome dog.  He’s got looks, personality, and intelligence.  So why was Huck sitting on death row in a Southern California kill shelter?  Why, when his perfect forever family was right here in Las Vegas?  If there was ever any doubt that Huck was the right fit for this active family, Grace, the family’s female German shepherd, let it be known that she and Huck were going to be BFF’s.  They had one brief meeting and it was on!  They ran, jumped, chased and generally just enjoyed being happy dogs together.  Huck, now known as Ranger, decided he would unpack his bags and stay a while.  So in between your play bows and the zoomies, you need to do one last thing as a VSR orphan. All together now, “You need to wag on, happy Huck.  Wag on.”   Click here for more photos!

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