Hugo Boss

UPDATE 8-24-2016.
Hugo was neutered yesterday and X-rays were done. Hugo is suffering from some growing pains, which is not uncommon in shepherds. That would explain his favoring the leg. So it’s just a matter of managing the pain until he gets through this. This diagnosis means Hugo is probably even younger than 18 months, and our vets now feel 12 months is a more accurate estimate of this gentle giant’s age. He also has some very mild hip dysphasia, and we will be putting him on joint supplements right away.
Meet stylish big boy, Mr. Hugo Boss. Hugo was picked up as a stray, and he’s thought to be only about a year and a half old. Even at this young age, he is tipping the scales at over 90 lbs! A giant ball of fluff, Hugo knows how to sit. He also was pretty clear letting us know that he wouldn’t be sharing his living quarters with any feline companions. He has some muscle atrophy in one of his front legs, so we will be doing X-rays while he is under anesthesia being neutered. Once his medical issues are addressed, we will get to know more about him, and update his bio.

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