Handsome Hyde is another one of the Fab 4 dogs pulled from Lied with the help of the Miracle GSD Network. He’s the most recent older white male VSR has had come through the rescue. Hyde, now known as Harley, confirms what VSR volunteers have thought ever since saving Trey and Deuce, the first white shepherds VSR saved. They have personality plus are mischievous every day of their life, no matter how young or old! So when Natasha and her family decided they wanted to add to their very diverse family, Harley’s picture and bio made the choice easy for them. Little dogs, cats and kids and a pool are just part of what makes this family so outstanding. Their commitment to their animals, their willingness to rescue, their understanding of what it takes to succeed when bringing an older rescue dog into the home made approving them super easy. Just as we suspected, Harley was all about it when Natasha and the whole crew came to meet him. It seemed as though he was already part of the family. So off they went to do the home introduction. Harley walked into the backyard, saw the pool and most likely thought to himself, “Oh, it’s so good to be home!” He launched himself into the water and that was all she wrote. So to make this fairy tale adoption have the happily ever after ending we have come to expect, you need to wag on, hilarious Harley, wag on..  Click here for more photos.

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