Well, little Miss Isis joins the ranks of the Waggin’ Tails Club, and it almost didn’t happen.  A different dog had been selected to go to the meet and greet with Jennifer, her 3 kids, and the family dog, Nugget.  Because the meet and greet was happening at a location other than the boarding facility, VSR staff decided to take 2 dogs, in case the first one didn’t pan out.  Much time would be saved by not having to go back and forth shuttling dogs.  Being relatively new to VSR, Isis’ personality and preferences weren’t very well known.  She made them perfectly clear when she bounced across the yard to go play with her new 4 legged brother!  Nugget wasn’t as excited about her, but Isis didn’t give up.  Her determination paid off!  Isis, you have scored yourself your very own forever family!  Now you just go wag on, intelligent Isis.  Wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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