Ivan needs a skilled K9 dog handler. He may be working dog quality. Any Metro K9 officers out there willing to rehab this young, intelligent dog? He has bonded with several of our volunteers, but does not easily meet and accept new people. He certainly is not a candidate for anyone with children or those without GSD experience. Ivan has human bite records. We have worked to discern his triggers, but have not been successful. He has been in our care since May. His rehab has gone as far as we can take it with the resources available to us. We have discerned introducing him to a number of people all at once will overwhelm him, resulting in a bite. It will take multiple introductions in order for Ivan to trust. 6-12-2017 update: Ivan has been neutered and is settling down. Today he saw a horse and was very curious, cautious but not fearful. Of course we didn’t get too close but instead just walked across the street and behind the horse and rider until we went our separate ways. He is still proving to be very particular about the people he chooses to trust. So for now we are going to continue to work with him, and his trust issues. Please stay tuned for updates on this handsome and curious boy. Meet young Ivan. At almost 15 months, this beautiful boy is already quite the head turner. Ivan needs to be neutered, and needs some time to decompress and settle down. Once he’s had time to adjust, we will get to know more about him and post his bio..

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