Remember our 100th dog contest winner, Erin?  Remember that she wanted to foster or hopefully adopt Jax?  Remember we said that was another story for another time?  Well, it’s time for that other story.

After Erin won the contest and met Jax, she couldn’t get him out of her mind.  But what could she do, since one of her female sheps had had a couple of bad experiences while out walking with Erin, and had become leash reactive?  Well, that wasn’t enough to stop Erin from pursuing her desire to make Jax a member of her family.  After Jax’s surgery Erin worked tirelessly with Mattie to get her over her reaction to dogs while leashed.  Finally, Mattie was ready to meet Mr. 100.  Mattie and Jax are now best pals, along with sweet Lily.  It wasn’t easy or quick.  Hard work, determination and a commitment to make it work is the only reason Jax is now a full fledged member of Erin’s family.  Jax shows his happiness every time Erin comes through her door and is greeted by a sweet, gentle, innocent dog who dances in circles when he sees her.  We will never know what Jax’s previous life was like, but we know that the rest of his life will be filled with happy dancing.  All because a woman named Erin entered a contest to name a dog she had never even met.  Jax, you are the real contest winner.  Your grand prize is spending your life with Erin, her 2 grown sons, Lily and Mattie.  So don’t make me have to tell you twice.  Time to happy dance and wag on, jumping Jax.  Wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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