Sweet Jaydee was listed on the kill list as a 7 year old with chronic ear infections. We know ear infections are usually pretty easily treated so we pulled her. Once we got her to our vet, we discovered that she was either pregnant or had a false pregnancy as she was leaking milk after just being spayed the day before. Her teeth are very worn (we found she has a fondness for big rocks to play with if she doesn’t have any toys available to her) and with some grey on her muzzle, it was understandable to guesstimate her age to be around 7. Well, once this girl recovered from her horrible upper respiratory infection, she let us know that age is just a number, and if she really is 7, she isn’t buying it. Jaydee has lots of energy and she LOVES her toys. She will chase a ball, she loves the kiddy pool, it’s just go, go, go with this sweet, play driven girl. She seems to be ok with most dogs her size, but she absolutely will not tolerate living with cats. So if you would like to give this gorgeous, petite girl a chance at a wonderful life, please fill out our online adoption application. It’s the first step in our adoption process. And wouldn’t you love sitting outside with Jaydee and a coke?

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