Meet 2 year old Jayden. Picked up as a stray, we were told Jayden had an injured back leg. After being at the shelter for 10 long days in pain, she wasn’t a fan of the people in white coats poking and prodding her. X rays showed that Jayden’s pelvis was broken in 3 different places. After 8 long weeks of crate rest, Jayden is back in action! Keeping a young, high energy dog in a crate and only being allowed out to potty on a leash is not something any dog enjoys. Now Jayden is in desperate need of a foster or foverever home. Jayden must go to an adult only home experienced with dogs with guarding issues, and can work with her on learning impulse control. Jayden also has to be the only pet in the home. Jayden is a work in progress, but this drop dead gorgeous girl will be worth every minute spent teaching her how to be a calm, balanced dog. The amount of love she has to give is infinite. If you can offer Jayden the safe, patient home she so deserves, please fill out our online adoption or foster application. She’s been through too much to settle for anything less than a long, and happy life.

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