Jett is officially a member of the Waggin’ Tails Club!  Jett came to us afraid of everything.  We were sure he would be with us a while because he needed some serious work.  As luck would have it, Pam happened to find us, and Jett.  The bond was instant, and Jett knew Pam was the one he was going to open up to, and learn how to just be a dog.  Pam took things slow, earning Jett’s trust.  After just a few days, Jett demonstrated that he was ready to leave the boarding facility and live his life as Pam’s newest family member.  Before he left, Jett did show Pam some of his skills.  When Jett wanted to get out of the exam room, he simply walked over to the door, worked the handle until the door opened, and strolled out into the lobby.  Oh, Pam, we think you are going to have your hands full!  But having them full with Jett is what being a Waggin’ Tails Club member is all about!  Everyone will be doing a happy dance because its time for you to wag on, jester Jett.  Wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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