This is 4 year old Jetta. Jetta was rescued from a bad situation by an older couple about a year ago. When the man passed away, the woman realized she wasn’t capable of handling this young, strong shepherd. Jetta isn’t a fan of other dogs and prefers not to share the attention. But Jetta is very smart and very responsive to correction. She was known to be quite the puller when walking on a leash. Well, it only took 2 times of simply stopping moving forward whenever there was tension on the leash and Jetta figured out that as long as the leash was loose, we keep moving forward. Jetta also loves her balls and toys. If you are looking to be a single dog family, look no farther than classic Miss Jetta. All that’s required is that you fill out the online adoption application, make the $325 adoption donation, and Jetta will be zooming into your hearts and home. Because changing the world for Jetta is more fun than playing the slug bug game.   Click here for more photos!

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