When a Good Samaritan found Joey, she tried to find his owner.  When she couldn’t, she thought she would keep him herself.  He was great with the grand kids and other dogs, but her dogs were having none of it.  Reluctantly, she contacted VSR, and we promised we would find Joey the best home ever.  So when Robert and Linda came to meet Joey, Linda didn’t take long to realize what a good soul Joey was.  Unfortunately, Joey had come down with pneumonia.  So after several weeks of antibiotics and rest, Joey was finally given the all clear, and Robert and Linda were eager to make Joey officially theirs.  You did it, big guy!  You found yourself a wonderful forever home where you will be loved and cherished just as you should be.  While you help Robert enjoy his retirement, don’t forget to wag on, jolly Joey, wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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