Jon Snow

5 year old Jon Snow is an XL size gentle soul. He LOVES human attention, but is shy at first and needs time to warm up. He is excellent on the leash, and loves his kibble and treats. His favorite toy is his tennis ball, and he loves to chase them and chew them. He is currently living with a young female shepherd. JS is one of these dogs who can live just about anywhere. If you can’t resist those dark, soulful eyes, or the allure of a low to medium energy shepherd, please fill out our online adoption application. Because there’s only a snowballs chance in h#*% that he will be available for long.
Bio update on our wonderful JS:
Our gentle giant Jon Snow was gifted with an extra large body to hold his extra large heart. He’s gorgeous and so gentle. Although returned to us by no fault of his own, we quickly learned his big body was failing him.

Jon Snow’s foster mom noticed blood in his stool. An exam by our vet revealed that he has several anal fistulas. There is no cure for this disease. The symptoms can be very painful and debilitating. Jon Snow is being treated medically with pain meds and antibiotics. According to our vet, his hospice care may keep him comfortable for another couple months.

Although he is loved and adored by his foster family, this boy deserves a family of his own to live out the rest of his days.

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