If VSR could clone any of our adopters, Megan would be at the top of the list. Megan loves dogs.  She also has a very busy life.  She is working on getting another college degree.  She also has a huge heart, a husband who supports her choices, and a lot of love to give a VSR orphan.  So when Megan told us she wanted an older, mellow dog who did not need 24/7 entertainment and supervision, we danced around, jumping up and down.  VSR loves its senior shepherds!  They are rescues’ best kept secret.  The love they give to show their appreciation for being saved is something you can only imagine.  They are loyal and trusted companions.  They won’t even mind hanging out in your office for hours on end.  And Juno, now known as Penny, knew that Megan was the perfect adopter.  So Penny simply put herself into Megan’s car, waiting to be driven to her new home.  It took some time for Megan to make the decision that she was ready to bring another dog into her life, but since Juno didn’t have anything to give to Megan, she quickly realized that all Megan needed was a Penny for her thoughts.  So while Penny and Megan work toward that second college degree, you can also wag on, pretty Penny, wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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