Our gorgeous 2 yr old girl Karly is back through no fault of her own.
These are tough times for humans and animals alike.  Poor Karly’s humans lost their income and home and were forced to bring her back when they had to move and couldn’t care for her.
She was a very good girl in the home.  She loved her teenage human brother and dad very much and was always ready to snuggle or play.  She’s an active girl who likes to play a little rough and can be mouthy at times.  She loves a good game of tug and will play a great round of fetch and even bring it to you most of the time.  She’s potty trained and well behaved in the home when exercised.
She doesn’t love being in a kennel and can be destructive if given the opportunity.  Exercise will be important for this young, active, and athletic girl.  She’s a good size and will need a confident, strong handler to be her best self.  Her dog relationships aren’t always great and small dogs are a no for her.  She is picky about her friends but has potential for sure.  She loves most humans she meets but small children could be subjected to mouthiness and being knocked over by her strong energy and play.


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