Matt truly believes that patience is a virtue. For the past several years Matt has waited for the right time to bring a new German Shepherd into his life. He had traveled extensively in his job. Then once his adoption application was approved and a home visit was completed, Matt expressed his desire to wait for just the right dog to come along. A cat friendly dog: Matt has 3 cats. A dog that wasn’t a puppy would be fine with Matt. Unable to comprehend why they were waiting, VSR’s Adoptions Director, Shari, contacted Matt to let him know we already had the perfect dog for him. Kayden did not disappoint. As soon as Kayden and Matt met, Kayden was engaging Matt and Matt’s girlfriend. He was playful, respectful and obedient. It took only a few short minutes for Matt to decide that Kayden would be coming to live with him. Upon entering Matt’s home, Kayden immediately came upon one of the 3 resident cats. Just as expected, Kayden gave the kitty lots of space. Kayden also seemed to be a little intimidated by Moe, the most balanced Chihuahua mix we have ever seen. It didn’t take long for Moe to get Kayden to participate in a friendly game of chase. Here’s to you Matt for being patient, and, just like every shepherd before him, it’s time for Kayden to wag on, classy Kayden. Wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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