Meet Mr. Kennedy. In all our years of rescue, this is a first. Kennedy was picked up as a stray by Animal Control. He was put on “the list” because he wouldn’t eat and seemed to be despondent and depressed. So much so that they were planning to do a mercy euthanization at the end of the day on Sunday. Thinking that just getting him out of there might make him feel better and begin to eat, VSR pulled him at 10 minutes to 6:00 Sunday evening. On the ride to the vet we noticed him struggling to breathe. We tried giving him some canned food and a drink of water in the parking lot of the shelter.
He tried to take a little bit of both, but it came right back out. The vets first recommendation was to do an X-ray. As you can see in the pictures, there was an obstruction in his throat. Within 15 minutes of his arrival to the clinic, the ball was removed. How long had this beautiful 5-7 year old boy been struggling and starving with this stuck in his throat? We can only wonder. But at under 60 lbs, it’s been a while. He probably needs 20 lbs or more to be at a healthy weight. He will need to get healthy before we can give him shots and neuter him. He slept so soundly the first couple nights of finally being able to breathe without struggling, the vets thought he might be deaf. But he’s not. He’s just catching up on a lot of precious sleep and letting his body finally rest. We will keep posting updates as we learn more about him. He’s still very unsure about what happened and is happening. But he did give me a “head hug” with the top of his head resting against my chest last night when I went to visit and feed him a can of food. So I’m pretty sure he knows he’s safe now. Stay tuned for more about Kennedy.

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