Does this look like the picture of a dog who is so afraid that she all most died for her fears?  That almost happened to this beautiful, young girl named Kenzie, but all she needed was a chance.  When Stuart and Courtney decided it was time to add a big dog to their family, they were open to meeting as many dogs as it took to find the right match.  They were also patient and understanding about Kenzie’s fears.  Stuart is a runner, just what Kenzie needs to burn off her nervous energy, and she ADORES Stuart.  She is warming up to Denver, her little, white sister, and Courtney is getting her love from Kenzie as well.  Kenzie has made herself right at home and has made great strides in conquering her fears.  So as you settle into family life, don’t forget to wag on, captivating Kenzie, wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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