Kino is the first member of this very exclusive club. His tail is wagging because he has found his forever home with John and Sydney. He now shares his home with the 2 resident rescue dogs, Suki, a 3 year old pitbull, and Urkel, a lovely Heinz 57 mix breed boy.

Kino was out of time at the kill shelter, and had become ill. His life would be ending in a matter of hours. VSR scrambled to get all t

he paperwork to Leid, so that we could pull dogs from this shelter, and with the rescue coordinator’s help, Kino dodged a bullet, and was transported to our vet to get examined and the medicines he needed to get him on the road to recovery.Kino’s adoption is very special to VSR. Kino is the first dog we pulled after receiving our 501c3 status. He is the first VSR dog to be adopted into a forever home. Kino will always be special. He is our first. Just like a first kiss, or a first boyfriend, the important firsts in our lives will always hold a special place in our hearts.Kino has a very interesting back story that we are still researching. When we have all the details in place, we will fill in the holes of Kino’s past. So stay tuned, because it is sure to be a story to be passed on through the rescue community. But right now we are content to know that Kino has found his forever home, and that is reason enough to join the Wagging Tails Club.

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