Meet sweet, playful 4-5 year old Kirby. This beautiful boy was confiscated by the police when the owners were arrested and the kids taken. As if that wasn’t enough to freak this great dog out, Animal Control took him for a free ride to the local kill shelter where they held him for 10 long days, in case the owners came to reclaim him. Kirby is plain and simple, just awesome. He knows sit, shake and down. He likes rope toys and plush toys more than he likes balls. He has a pretty high prey drive. He charmed everyone he met on his freedom ride from the shelter to the vets office. He’s interested in other dogs, but doesn’t bark or pull toward them. Kirby is the epitome of the perfect dog. Active and energetic enough to do anything you want, but knows enough that he doesn’t need constant supervision and entertaining. Doesn’t Kirby deserve a break? After he’s handled these past few weeks like a rockstar, we need to help Kirby find the way to his box seats in the encore performance of Kirby’s perfect home and life. Are you the co-star of this award winning show? If you think so, please fill out our online adoption application to get the process started. Because all Kirby is missing is the best supporting actor in the movie of his life.

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