Meet majestic 8 year old Knight. Turned into the shelter by his family, Knight didn’t understand what he had done wrong or why he was at that awful place. So, typical of this sensitive breed, Knight stopped eating and was shutting down. He lost 12 pounds in just 4 days at the shelter.  When we got him out of there and to our vet clinic, we thought he would bounce back, but after a few days at the vet, Knight still wasn’t eating.  We enticed him with everything we could think of, but he just wasn’t interested.  When we took him out for walks, he was searching every face and approaching every parked car looking for the family who was never coming back for him. Luckily, we were able to find a foster family to take in this incredibly healthy and agile 100 lb boy. Knight now resides with dogs of all sizes and both sexes without any problems. He loves to plop down into the grass and roll and wriggle around. He walks nicely on a leash, and although he hasn’t met any cats in his foster home, he doesn’t seemed fazed by the ones he comes across on walks. If you would like to bring this big old senior boy into your home, his adoption fee is only $225.  Our adoption application is on our website for easy submitting. Changing the world for this calm, beautiful Knight will enhance the quality of your life too.  The difference will be day and Knight!. 

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