Meet 2 year old Koa. Koa’s previous owner inherited Koa from a relative. Working 2 jobs, she knew she didn’t have the time to devote to a young dog like Koa. She knew in her heart that the right thing to do for Koa was to give him a chance to have the active family Koa deserved. He had lived outside up until the time she inherited Koa. It’s safe to say that Koa has never had any training. He is just learning doggy manners, and because he is a big, young, strong boy, he may be too much for a family with young kids right now. We are working with him on his tendency to resource guard his toys, but we caught it early and he is making strides every day. Koa will be an amazing dog, he just needs someone to put the time into training him. He’s very playful, just your typical shepherd who is lacking in manners. But that is all temporary. If you have what Koa needs to be a model canine citizen, please fill out our online adoption application. Koa will never live outside again. That’s a promise we make to every dog we take in. Can you change the world for Mr. Koa?

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