We love it when one of our previous adopters refers someone to our rescue to help save the life of a dog, and that’s exactly what happened when Knud’s sister-in-law, Nancy decided she was ready to adopt.  Koda’s picture just spoke to Nancy, and Knud encouraged her to fill out the online adoption application for the rescue’s newest blond boy.  Koda was still adjusting to rescue life when he met Nancy and wasn’t completely sure about all the new and different people coming in and out of his life, but Nancy didn’t give up.  She took Koda on a walk, away from all the hustle and bustle of the other meet and greets, and soon Koda was wagging his tail and holding his head up.  But how would VSR alumni, Tango, feel about temporarily sharing his home with the Koda-bear?  Well, it turns out that Tango is thrilled to have a buddy to play with.  So, like every happy ending story is supposed to go, save the last dance for Nancy, as you wag on, kind-hearted Koda, wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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