When Kori first came to the rescue, she was so timid and fearful, she wanted to just blend into the wood work and disappear. She desperately wanted someone to cling to and protect her. Her first night at the vet clinic, she found her someone. Now that Kori knows people can be nice, she is slowly opening up and coming out of her shell. Kori is only about a year and a half to 2 years old, and she is very affectionate once she feels safe with you. Her beauty and intense eyes are breathtaking. Kori isn’t sure about other dogs, but with a proper introduction, Kori should be fine. She definitely is interested when she sees dogs. Kori had an umbilical hernia, but we have had it repaired, so she is good to go. For only a $325 adoption donation, you can be the lucky family who is able to call Kori your own. A patient, understanding family is what Kori is hoping for. If you think you might be that family, please go to our website and fill out our online adoption application. Because if you are willing to change the world for Kori, you will be repaid with love and affection like you have never before known.   Click here for more photos!

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