We have named him Krieger, which means warrior.  He’s such an amazing boy!  This is what the difference some days out of the shelter environment does for a dog.  He was a very happy relaxed boy yesterday and last night.  He seems interested so far in the other dogs and curious about literally everything.  He is definitely a Shep who wants to be in your space no matter what you’re doing.   He seems to have some separation anxiety but everything is still new to him at the moment.   Like most sheps, once he bonds he loves you to the point of obnoxiousness.  He’s a big time kisser and quite the silly 1 yr old puppy.  He has energy for days and loves to play.  He will even bring his ball back and drop it for you.   He gets a bit whiney and anxious in the car but settles after a bit.  He whistles when he’s nervous and likes to rub up against you like a cat

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