Lady’s Waggin’ Tale story was dependent on whether or not Lady, now named Rhubarb, would be able to live peacefully with Lunch Money. Lunch Money is the hairless Sphinx kitty that Victoria and Jordan have had for the last 5 years. ¬†Rhubarb passed that test with flying colors the day of the meet and greet. Victoria is self-employed and is able to take Rhubarb with her to her job as a gardener. Rhubarb’s first couple years of life were rocky and unpredictable. Her original owner, who had adopted her from Lied a couple of years ago took her back to owner surrender her when he decided to move out of the country. A compassionate family who was there to adopt a cat ended up taking Rhubarb home instead when they struck up a conversation with her owner while waiting for the shelter to open. But after a month in the home of her rescuer, Rhubarb just wasn’t working out for them. Luckily, instead of being taken back to the shelter, VSR was able to take her in. Only an orphan for 8 days, Rhubarb is now a loved and cherished member of the family. As you keep the crabgrass and dandelions out of the garden, make sure to plant plenty of strawberries so you can make pie. A pie that you can share with all your friends when you wag on, radiant Rhubarb. Wag on. ¬† Click here for more photos!

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