Larry is a year and a half old shepherd mix who is in need of an experienced home and handler.  Larry will excel in most any K9 sport or activity.  He loves car rides and the company of a well balanced canine companion.  A couple of things that Larry can and should live without are cats and young children.  Larry is working on his obedience, crate training, and loves to please.  Larry has some separation anxiety and needs to be kept busy and stimulated.  Otherwise he will find something to entertain himself.  Larry has so much love to give his family, and loves to cuddle.  In the right family, Larry will continue to blossom into the best dog he can be.  If you feel you have what it takes to take Larry down the right path to K9 excellence, please fill out our online adoption application.  Because when you change the world for a dog like Larry, you will be loved unconditionally, and that is something everyone should experience in their life.

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