Our sweet, little Lexi is lucky to be able to wag her tail.  She was so stressed out in the boarding facility, after being rescued from the local kill shelter, where her previous family left her, she stopped eating.  She then came down with a terrible infection in her lungs.  She spent a week in isolation at the vet clinic.  But Lexi’s foster mom (who had only had her 2 days before she had to be admitted to the hospital) never gave up.  She visited Lexi every day, sitting on the floor of the ISO room, hand feeding Lexi anything she would eat.  The vets were not sure Lexi would be leaving the clinic alive.  When you go through something this traumatic and don’t have any idea if your efforts will be in vain, when its all said and done, the bond that was created by this act of unconditional love by Sarah and Lexi for each other means just one thing.  Sarah became a foster failure today, and Lexi is now officially a member of the family.  Lexi has her dad, Keith, and a 4 legged brother named Marley to spend her days with, running and playing.  So when Lexi wags her tail now, everybody cheers.  It was almost a tail that would never wag again.  So this Waggin’ Tail is one of the amazing ones.  You know what we all want Lexi to do now?  Yep.  Wag on, lucky Lexi.  Wag on.  Click here for more photos!


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