Lexi is a cream colored German Shepherd puppy, who was purchased from a pet store at 10 weeks old. After two weeks, the owners knew they couldn’t handle her needs and surrendered her to the rescue.
Lexi has a Pedigree and parents are OFA (hips) Certified.  She’s  has been in a Foster home for a couple months, learning social skills.  At 5.5 months old, Lexi is  people friendly, but can be picky about dogs. No small children or small and or elderly  pets. Lexi’s  very high energy and athletic.  She may be great competing in nose work or agility. She also  loves playing fetch with the chuck it and retrieves the ball every time. Lexi needs a strong leader, experienced with Shepherds.
She  is crate trained, knows some basic commands and walks on the treadmill.  We’re still working on potty  training and she is doing better all the time.

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