Unfortunately, Lotus has been returned to us through no fault of her own. Please remember dogs like Lotus, and all shepherds need to be stimulated mentally as well as physically every day. Make sure you have the time to give before bringing a shepherd into your home.

Meet beautiful, young Lotus. This pretty 15 month old cream color girl with the white highlights is a stunning dog. She gets along with dogs her own size or bigger, but she prefers the males. She has a pretty strong prey drive, so it’s best she goes to a home with no small critters. She still has some puppy behaviors that will need to be worked on, but nothing a good obedience class can’t fix. She likes to jump, and pulls on the leash a little bit, but what puppy doesn’t? If your home and garden isn’t quite complete, maybe you need to add this beautiful Lotus to it. It will change her world, and brighten up your days.

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