Luke & Leia

New bonded pair Luke and Leia:

Luke(m) and Leia(f) are about 4 years old and came from our local shelter.
These two did a couple of stints at the shelter when they somehow ended up running the streets.  Intensely bonded, these two 4 yr old pups do everything together from eating to playing to sleeping.   They experience a great amount of stress when separated so we are trying to keep them together.  We believe them to be littermates.  Leia will bust out of a kennel to get to Luke even if side by side.
So far, we could not adore these two wild and silly dogs any more.   They are so much fun.  Lots of great energy and they love love love to play.  So far they seem to love any kind of toys and chasing each other playfully.  They have lots of energy and tend to run amok through the house without exercise.   We have not done dog testing yet but we do know they weren’t friendly to a poodle when running loose as young pups in 2018.   Further testing will be done as they wind down a bit and get used to their new environment.  So far they seem to like most new humans friends they’ve encountered.   These two might be a bit much for smaller children only because of their playful exuberance.
Follow Luke and Leias story as we try to bring a little of the Force to their lives and find them a place to stay together always.

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