UPDATE: Luna has had bloodwork done and it looks great for a dog her age. She had a dental and didn’t need any extractions, and she is now medically cleared for adoption. She is living harmoniously with 4 other shepherds and is loving being part of a family. Her foster parents tell us what a great dog she is, and deserves to be the queen of her forever home so she can enjoy her golden years. What does Luna’s family look like? All she’s known is heartache. Luna is a 9-year-old GORGEOUS, white GSD currently living in the backyard 24/7 without anyone at home. Her family moved out of the country and left their renter in charge of taking care of her. The caretaker was arrested, and his sister couldn’t bear to take Luna to the shelter. She has become Luna’s guardian angel. Luna’s Good Samaritan can’t bring her home to an apartment and her asthmatic child. But she didn’t give up doing right by Luna. She reached out to VSR to rehome Luna and give her the home she deserves. Luna’s owners verified she is 9 years old, but the vet said she acts like she’s 6! At 85 lbs., Luna needs more exercise and a weight loss program. But don’t tell this beautiful girl she’s anything less than perfect. She once was an indoor dog but will likely need a refresher on going out to use the bathroom. She knows shake and is happy to show you! She’s anxious to learn and please. She wasn’t happy to have her ears cleaned. They weren’t infected but staying outside in the dust made for some dirty ears that will require regular cleaning for a while. She has some worn and broken teeth. VSR will provide her dental upon adoption. Luna is great with kids, other dogs and probably cats. While at the vet’s office, she was happy to meet everyone there, all pets and grateful for the use of air conditioning! Who’s ready to step up and change Luna’s life for the better? Luna is ready for adoption.

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