Macy.  Pretty.  Tasteful.  Classy.  All these words come to mind when you hear the word Macy.  Today VSR’s Macy went shopping for her new forever family.  Sweet, affectionate Macy, who normally likes to stay close when she is around unfamiliar people.  Apparently Macy felt very comfortable with Jack and Dee, because Macy didn’t need to know where any of the familiar VSR faces were when she met this lovely couple.  She turned her back on the adoption director while she leaned into Jack’s legs.  It took Macy all of about 30 seconds to decide this was the family she was going to be a part of.  Once the paperwork was done, and the pictures were taken, Macy pranced right out to their car, and hopped right in, without looking back.  Because there is no sense dwelling on yesterday’s news.  But there is no expiration date when you wag on, merry Macy.  Wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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