When Jan, one of VSR’s key volunteers, was notified by a friend that a beautiful male shepherd was going to be euthanized by his family for some vague, unconfirmed behavioral issue, Jan brought it to the rescue’s attention, hoping something¬†could be done to save him. Jan promised that he would be her “project” and she would be responsible for getting him adoption ready. Jan then proceeded to work with Mako, seeing his behavior improve by leaps and bounds. Like many dogs, Mako knew Jan had truly saved his life, and he became increasingly bonded with her, and like many people in rescue, she became more and more attached to Mako. The icing on the cake was that Jan’s husband, Joe, had also become quite attached to this handsome 4 year old dude (there weren’t many complaints from the girls, Kimber and Daisy either). So, as soon as the opportunity presented itself, and Jan and Joe were in a position to take Mr. Mako home, they promptly filled out the adoption app and the rest, as they say, is history. So Mako, my man, you know the rules. You need to wag on, magnificent Mako, wag on.¬† Click here for more photos!

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