Meet Manny. Manny came to VSR when a Good Samaritan offered to take him when their neighbors were getting ready to move out of town. Manny had lived in a kennel in the back yard for the entire 7 years the family had lived there. He didn’t even have free run of the yard. Day in and day out, every hour of every day Manny was in the kennel. Needless to say, the family showed no emotion when the good Sam leashed Manny up to walk him out of what had been his prison for the last 7 years. Manny is about 90-95 lbs. He’s friendly and curious. He likes to play in the hose water. He is still somewhat aloof, but with time, patience and love, we know he will open up. We think Manny is about 8 years old. We are still getting to know him, and we are giving him lots of time to adjust to his new surroundings. As we learn more about Manny, we will update his bio.

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