This is it. Mary is now home. After everything this sweet senior has been through in the last year, we are confident this is it for Miss Mary! We think Mary knew who would be the one to save her too. Her name is Joy! How fitting and appropriate is that? It’s what we all felt when we heard that Joy was interested in adopting our golden girl, Mary. Joy, you are our hero! But mostly, you are Mary’s hero. Mary has shown us time and time again, that even at age 12, she is one tough cookie! She will melt your heart if you give her the chance to know you, though. There isn’t a person alive that Mary doesn’t consider to be her friend. She’s that one dog who feels as though she is a person and only wants to socialize with other people. At her age, though, and after all she’s been through, I say, you deserve to be just who you are, Miss Mary. Just know we will all be cheering for you as you wag on, magnificent Mary, wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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