This is one special Waggin’ Tale adoption story. It’s the story of a nearly perfect 3 1/2 year-old shepherd whose original family found themselves in a position that left them no options but to give up their very loved, well behaved and socialized dog.  Mason grew up in a home with a baby, a teenager, and not long before VSR took him, another baby.  So many tears were shed when the family drove away, leaving Mason and everything that was Mason’s in the arms of the adoption director, including his crate, backpack, and vacuum attachment (yes, Mason was ok with being vacuumed). How would VSR do what was best for Mason, knowing Mason had just lost the only family he had ever known? Well, the universe works in mysterious ways because we had just received and approved an adoption application that seemed to be just what Mason needed. Andrew, Jalene, Noah, Liam and the family Yorkie, Bruiser, came to meet Mason, now named Max, just 4 days after VSR took him in. With children the same ages as Max’s first family, Max was perfectly well behaved and happy to go for a walk with the family.  He even gently nudged Bruiser, letting him know he just wanted to be Bruiser’s friend. It didn’t take long for Andrew and Jalene to know that finding a better match for their family would be next to impossible. They took Max home that night, and since then we have received numerous updates and photos.  Max quickly understood that he was home, this time for good. So as you grow up with your new brothers, both 2 and 4-legged, remember that even when life throws lemons at you, just catch them and wag on, mighty Max, wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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